About us

Jobalist.com is a groundbreaking, ambitious project to create the most professional job site to ever come out of Lebanon and the Middle East. As a sister company of Dynamic Recruit, Jobalist.com brings with it a wealth of experience in recruitment.

Jobalist.com is an online portal that provides the easiest, most creative, transparent and user-oriented experience for job seekers, by offering you state-of-the-art features that enable you to:

  • Discover jobs from local, regional and multinational companies
  • Apply to different kinds of jobs: Part-time, full-time, internships and contract
  • Find your perfect job based on location, industry, salary and more
  • Stay up-to-date on whether your application has been viewed, short-listed, rejected and more
  • View customized and advanced analytics to help you optimize your resume for best results

As for employers, the critical problem of quality versus cost is finally solved. While competing with the largest global job sites in terms of features and functionality, Jobalist.com offers prices that compete with local sites that don't offer its wealth of services.

Jobalist.com was founded by Mr. Nahed Khairallah, MS in Information Technology and Management with an emphasis on E-Business from the University of Texas at Dallas.
Prior to launching Jobalist.com, Mr. Khairallah was serving as an Instructor at Notre Dame University's Faculty of Business from 2009 to 2012. He is currently the acting CEO of Jobalist.com and Dynamic Recruit, a recruitment and HR consultancy founded in January 2012.