Employer Features

Advanced Search

Gone are the days of sifting through endless piles of resumes. With more than 20 search and filtering criteria to choose from, employers can pinpoint the perfect candidates in just a few clicks. With Jobalist.com, you can search for candidates based on years of experience, countries worked in, previous employer, GPA and much more!

Team Collaboration

Jobalist.com gives you the ability to create multiple user accounts under a single company. Colleagues can share interview notes on candidates' profiles and download resumes with the click of a button. All your notes are permanently saved on a candidate's profile for future reference. Now that's efficient recruiting!

5-Star Ratings

Ranking candidates on paper or via notes is very subjective and quite challenging. With Jobalist.com, you can easily identify the standout candidates by assigning them a rating over 5 stars. Your entire team can rate a candidate and an average is calculated and shared with all company accounts. With Jobalist.com, it's easy to identify impressive candidates.


Save candidate profiles to a Favorites folder and never lose an interesting resume ever again. While viewing a resume, simply click on the Favorite Candidate button and the profile will be saved to your Favorite Candidates list, which can be easily accessed from the top menu.


Jobalist.com features a built-in messaging system that allows employers to connect with job seekers without leaving the website. Exchanged messages are displayed in a single-page conversation format along with timestamps so you can keep track of all your communications with job seekers.

Blind Resumes

If you're a recruitment agency, then you've probably wasted too much time downloading resumes from job sites and deleting any contact information before forwarding to your clients. With Jobalist.com, you can do that by just clicking on the Download Blind CV button while viewing a resume. This option allows you download a blind resume, which is identified using a unique CV number. With Jobalist.com, forwarding resumes to your clients is hassle-free and efficient.

Competitive Pricing

No other recruitment platform offers our wealth of services at such competitive prices. Jobalist.com combines best-in-class services with best-in-class savings!