Job Seeker Features

Apply to Jobs at Top Companies features a wide selection of jobs from some of the best local, regional and multinational companies. Creating your resume on will give you access to all these employers across several industries and locations.

Application Feedback

Ever wondered what happened to all those applications you submitted on other job sites? With, you are always in the know when it comes to your application status. Receive automatic updates in your dashboard whenever an employer views, short-lists or rejects your application.

Saved Searches

Save your job search so you no longer have to search for the same criteria every time you visit Whenever a new job matching your saved search is added, you will be automatically notified in your Dashboard or by email.

Get Featured Service

It's tough to stand out when you're competing with hundreds of job seekers for the same job. With our premium Get Featured service, your resume will be highlighted and moved to the top of the list of applications for any job you apply to during your subscription period. That's not all! Many employers on use the Advanced Search to find talented candidates instead of posting jobs. Your profile will also be highlighted in any Employer search that matches your profile.

Dashboard Statistics (Coming Soon)'s powerful dashboard will provide you with information to help you improve your job search. The dashboard will show you how many companies viewed your profile, which industries they are from and which countries they operate in. Even more,'s dashboard will share data about which keywords are bringing up your resume in a search. This will allow you to fine tune your resume and improve your chances of finding the perfect job.